Friday 22 June 2012

William R. Potter

William R. Potter is a writer of thrillers and horror fiction from British Columbia. He is an accomplished independent author. He enjoys creating characters with great depth that are true to real life. His books emphasize suspense and terror rather than mere gore. The Fright Factory is his latest thriller. It's a great tale of sheer horror and it's getting some serious attention.

When did you write your first novel?
I wrote my first novel over sixteen months in 2007-2008.

How many books have you written?
I’ve written eight and have published six.

How many hours a day do you write?
Hmm, I’m not sure. I don’t keep track of the hours. When I’m going full bore on a book I try to write 5,000 words a week.

You feature a serial killer who murders people with a scythe in The Fright Factory. What serial killers in other books have inspired your villain?
I didn’t realize it as I was writing TFF, however I’m sure movie villains like Michael Myers had more to do with me inventing Jess Lawless than any I had read about.

What is your favorite book?
Hideaway by Dean Koontz.

What is your favorite movie?
The “Alien” Series.

What horror movies scare you?
Horror movies don’t really scare me. They do however, thrill, shock and entertain.

Would you ever consider writing a book outside of the horror genre?
Absolutely. Most of my books are outside the horror genre.

What are your current projects?
I’m working on a sci-fi series, a drama-suspense novel and a sequel to Dead of Knight, my police thriller.

Please in your own words write a paragraph about yourself & your work.
You could say I was bitten by the writing bug at an early age. Shortly after watching the first remake of King Kong, around the age of ten or eleven, I scribbled a few lines about a mutant crab and called it a book.

I returned to my love of storytelling in my twenties, writing numerous short stories. "Lighting the Dark Side-Six Modern Tales" represents my work from the past several years and is my first published book. The collection received the Editor's Choice Award for short stories from AllBooks Review International in 2009.

All three novellas from the short story collection "Lighting the Dark Side" have now been published Direct to Kindle as stand-alone books. They are:

Bent, Not Broken (suspense) Surviving the Fall (thriller) October 18, 2012 (sci-fi suspense)

"DEAD of KNIGHT A Jack Staal Mystery" is my first full novel. The Fright Factory (horror) was published in September 2011. New books are in the works will be published shortly.

I live in New Westminster, Canada with my wife and two children.