Monday 20 October 2014

TV News (UK): Horror Channel gives UK Premiere to Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Tree

THE WICKER TREE, which reunites director Robin Hardy with legendary actor Christopher Lee for a horror fantasy in the style of the 1973 landmark cult classic THE WICKER MAN, gets its UK TV premiere on Horror Channel and will screen on Sat 22 November at 9pm.

Synopsis: Based on director Robin Hardy's own novel ‘Cowboys for Christ’, a Texas gospel singer Beth (Brittania Nichols) and her boyfriend Steve (Henry Garrett) both devout evangelical Christians, are sent to Scotland on a mission to spread the word of God. After a concert in Glasgow Cathedral the pair are invited by Sir Lachlan Morrison (Graham McTavish) to preach in his remote border village, but soon the horrifying reality dawns on the couple as they learn the true significance of the Celtic pagan rites. Directed by Robin Hardy and co-starring Honeysuckle Weeks and Christopher Lee.

Plus on Friday 7 November at 10.50pm, there is a UK TV premiere for 2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS, Tim Sullivan’s gory, madcap remake of the infamous Herschell Gordon Lewis 1964 Drive-in classic.

Synopsis: A blood-soaked sequel to director Tim Sullivan’s ‘2001 Maniacs’, ‘Field of Screams’ sees the residents of Pleasant Valley take their cannibalistic carnival on the road and head to Iowa where they encounter spoiled heiresses Rome & Tina Sheraton and the cast and crew of the "Road Rascals" reality show. Performing "The Bloodiest Show on Earth", our Southern Maniacs, headed by their maniac one-eyed mayor, (Bill Moseley), prove more than ratings killers. Also starring Trevor Wright, Lin Shaye, Christa Campbell, Ahmed Best , Nivek Ogre and Andrea Leon.
TV: Sky 319 / Virgin 149 / Freesat 138

Interview with David Kempf - By Jon Donnis - The Horror Of It All

In what is a very proud moment for me, we can announce the publication of The Horror Of It All.

The Horror Of It All is a collection of interviews spanning all facets of the horror genre, including novels, film, horror hosts, dark fiction, cover art, and special effects. With a forward by the incomparable Jonathan Maberry, this book is sure to engage, inform, and enlighten every true-blue, horror enthusiast.

For the past few years I have been lucky enough to not only publish short stories by David Kempf but also publish interviews he has done with some of the biggest and best names in the Horror genre, and now those interviews are all part of a great new book called The Horror Of It All So I sat down with David to discuss this book, his motivations and ALS (in the UK this is known as Motor Neurone Disease)

David Kempf has written over fifty short stories, many of which deal with themes of horror fiction. He has won several writing awards including first place in the short story competition of Millersville University’s Lemuria magazine. Two of his short stories were selected in the 2007 publication of The Grackle, his graduate school’s literary magazine. David is featured on two short fiction websites, one American and one British. He holds an M.S. from Chestnut Hill College and a B.A. from Millersville University. David resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife and his son.

Interview with David Kempf - By Jon Donnis

JD Tell us about THE HORROR OF IT ALL.
DK Well, I thought it would be a good idea to take all the best of the interviews I have done for your site and combine them in one book.

JD That was a good idea. What excites you most about doing these interviews?

DK I get to interview many of my idols, people I have grown up with. Horror writers, special effects artists, film directors, actors, horror movies hosts, etc. I essentially get to write about what I’m excited about. My childhood was filled with horror movies and books. I’m very proud that I got the opportunity to speak to some of these people and, of course, to write fiction of my own. 

JD What did you chose to have all of the profits from the book go to ALS research?

DK That’s a good question, Jon. I interviewed Rocky Wood who is president of The Horror Writer’s Association and an author in his own right. While I was fascinated with how he works closely with Stephen King, the story of how he struggles with this disease moved me. I did some research and found out just how devastating ALS really is.  

JD Did you need permission from the people you interviewed to include them in the book?

DK Yes, I did and they all said yes. They’re all good hearted people who genuinely want to raise money for a good cause. And causes don’t come better than this. 

JD How did you get Jonathan Maberry to write the forward for the book?

DK I am very fond of Jonathan and his excellent novels. He is a great talent and a genuinely really nice guy. He’s friends with Rocky Wood and expressed a desire to do it when I asked him. Jonathan wants to raise money for the cause and I think that his name on the book adds a lot to it.

JD You were very proud when he endorsed Dark Fiction.

DK Yes. I was floored because I didn’t really expect it. Here is one of my favorite authors and here I am a completely new guy publishing his first novel. The blurb was the validation I was looking for as a writer. Jonathan helps a lot of writers because he has an eye for new talent. He is very well read and a good person to know. We miss him in my home town. Jonathan moved from Pennsylvania to California. Several of his projects might be adapted into movies. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised. 

JD Speaking of blurbs, this new book has a ton of them. All of them are excellent.

DK Yes, sir.

JD You must feel very proud of that.

DK I’m very proud of the blurbs. These are the best blurbs I’ve ever received.

JD Which one is your favorite?

DK I really shouldn’t single anyone out but if you want to put me on the spot…

JD I do.

DK Then I would have to say William F. Nolan.

JD Why?

DK I’ve been a fan of his work my entire life. He’s mainly known for the Logan series but his work is so much more than that. His short stories and books on writing are second to none. They’ve always been a great inspiration to me.  

JD I see. 

DK Now that I have blurbs from Maberry and Nolan I’m a happy man (laughs).

JD What do you hope to accomplish with this book?

DK I hope to raise awareness for ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). I hope we can all do our part to end the suffering of many people who are in great pain right now.

JD Did you take the ALS challenge?

DK I did.

JD Who challenged you to do it?

DK My friend Lucas Mangum did. Lucas is a great writer and all around nice guy.

JD Please tell us about Infliction Press.

DK It’s a small publishing company I started with my friends Jennifer Mills and Steve Kirby. This book is the first one we’re publishing.

JD Will there be other books coming out from Infliction Press?

DK I think so. This could be the first of many. Time will tell. I’m open to publishing some of my fiction. We’re going to be open to submissions from other authors in the future as well.
JD That’s really good news. I also hope that you continue to write for Masters of Horror U.K. for a long time to come. 

DK This site has been very good for me and my growth as a writer. I hope this trend continues. I still have a lot to say and the format of Masters of Horror a great way to have my voice heard. 

JD Thank you for your time David and I wish you all the best for the future

DK Thanks

You can buy the Kindle version of the book at the following link

All proceeds go to ALS research.

MND and ALS are different descriptions of the same disease.

The MND Association, which covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the ALS Association, which operates in the USA, do the same type of work. The only real difference is what we call the disease.

The UK use MND – motor neurone disease – and in the USA they use ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Both refer to a fatal, progressive disease that can rob people of the ability to speak, move and breathe. There is no cure.

The reason there is a difference is that there are several forms of MND. ALS is the most common type.

MND is an umbrella term for all forms of the disease. In the USA, ALS is used as the umbrella term (they also sometimes refer to it as Lou Gehrig's disease).

The MND Association in the UK and The ALS Association in America work very closely together on numerous projects, especially around global research into a cause of MND / ALS



Friday 3 October 2014


The FrightFest All-Nighter 14 returns to its spiritual home, The Prince Charles Cinema, on Saturday October 25, with five killer titles, including the world premiere of Anthony DiBlasi’s LAST SHIFT.

We kick off with a special preview of The Vicious Brothers EXTRATERRESTRIAL, a fine blend of ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘Communion’ with some of the most extraordinary special effects and camerawork you’ll see in 2015. Next up, THE ABCs OF DEATH 2, needs no introduction. The first was a huge draw at FrightFest Glasgow and now we can scream along to 26 more deaths by 26 handpicked filmmakers. This is followed by the world premiere of Anthony DiBlasi’s demonic horror LAST SHIFT, which had to be dropped from the August line-up because of altered release and completion dates as did our next attraction - the highly anticipated sequel THE PACT II, which has its UK premiere. And Giallo fans will not want to miss our last presentation - the ‘Airplane’ of the Italian thriller genre in the sublime Astron-6 homage THE EDITOR.

Guests attending include The Vicious Brothers, Anthony DiBlasi and Andy Nyman, So, be sure to be part of our terror tribe for the night-ride of your lives

Horror fans around the country can join in the fearsome fun on Saturday 1 November, when the event travels to the GFT Glasgow and the Edinburgh Cameo. On Friday Oct 31, the event hits the Watershed Bristol.

London line-up:

21:00  EXTRATERRESTRIAL (Special Preview)

Five teenagers party in a remote cabin in the woods unaware the region has become a hot bed of bizarre events, military activity and space invader sightings. Then a UFO crashes in the forest and driven by curiosity they decide to investigate. This ambitious second feature from The Vicious Brothers is a wonderfully effective sci-fi fantasy; a close encounter of the shocking kind, which delivers thrills and terror in a surprising special effects package

Director: Colin Minihan. Cast: Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Melanie Papalia, Jesse Moss, Michael Ironside. 106 mins. US 2014

23.40  ABC’s OF DEATH 2 (UK Premiere)

Get ready to learn your ABC's again with 26 new directors and 26 new deaths. Some of the talent in the impressive mix include Vincenzo Natali (SPLICE), E.L. Katz (CHEAP THRILLS), the Soska Sisters (AMERICAN MARY), Aaron Keshales and Navot Papushado (BIG BAD WOLVES) and Larry Fessenden (HABIT). The follow-up to the most ambitious anthology film ever conceived, Provocative, shocking, funny and confrontational, it’s another global celebration of genre filmmaking.

Directors: A lot. Cast: Andy Nyman, Tristan Risk, Mark Grossman, Ryan Winsley, Conor Sweeney. 120 mins. US 2014

02:15  LAST SHIFT (World Premiere)

A rookie cop’s world is turned upside down when she comes face to face with Paymon, King of Hell. From Anthony DiBlasi, director of the past FrightFest presentations MISSIONARY, CASSADAGA and DREAD, comes a new frontier in fear. Officer Jessica Loren has the last shift at a transitioning police station, assigned to wait for a crew picking up bio-hazard waste from the armoury. But unbeknownst to her, cult leader John Michael Paymon has haunted the department ever since he committed suicide in captivity. Jessica is about to find out how dangerous he still is, now alone on the graveyard shift.
Director: Anthony DiBlasi. Cast: Juliana Harkavy, Natalie Victoria, J. LaRose, Joshua Mikel, Amber Watson. 90 mins. USA 2014.
04:30 THE PACT 11 (UK Premiere)

Surpassing the original movie by going into deeper psychological areas to stir up its scares, directors Patrick Horvath and Dallas Richard Hallam's latest episode in the Judas Killer saga once more unfolds a murder mystery linking two intriguing realities that skirt the fine line between being paranormal supernatural and entirely plausible. This time a trauma scene cleaner learns she's the adopted daughter of one of the maniac's past victims and now she's the target of a possible copycat murderer. How an FBI profiler and her cop boyfriend fit into the creepy picture make for neat twists and jolting shocks. 
Directors: Dallas Richard Hallam, Patrick Horvath. Cast: Caity Lotz, Camilla Luddington, Scott Michael Foster, Patrick Fischler, Mark Steger. 96 mins.  US 2014.
06: 15  THE EDITOR  (Special Preview)

From Astron-6 (MANBORG and FATHER’S DAY), comes the AIRPLANE of Giallo. Editor Rey Ciso is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the four wooden fingers on his right hand a reminder of the dangers of exhaustion. Then the lead actors from the Giallo he’s cutting turn up dead…A brilliant homage to 1970s’ Italian thrillers mixing crime with horror. Watch out for big hair, bad dubbing, inappropriate nudity, ‘hysterical blindness’ and a terrific Claudio Simonetti soundtrack.  
Directors: Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy. Cast: Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Paz de la Huerta, Udo Kier, Laurence R. Harvey. 106 mins.  Canada 2014.
Alan Jones, co-director, said today: “Thank you all for making our August Bank Holiday event so wildly successful – the reviews were the best ever and our move to the Vue, Leicester Square, couldn’t have been better received. So we felt it was now an appropriate time to celebrate our roots and the interactive community that makes FrightFest unique amongst global genre festivals.The Prince Charles Cinema is where it all began 15 years ago and this Halloween you can join us for an intimate trip down memory lane and an ultimate shock around the clock experience”.
Passes for the London event cost £40 and go on sale from Friday 3 October. To book go online
or call the Prince Charles Cinema on 0207 494 3654
Tickets can also be bought at the cinema
For details of regional screenings please visit
Note that the regional venues may not be playing all of the titles screening at the London event so please check local listings