Wednesday 28 August 2019

THE DEVIL’S CANDY gets its long-awaited UK TV premiere on Horror Channel. Plus Chad Archibald’s BITE gets channel premiere

Horror Channel has seven prime-time premieres in September, including the UK TV premiere of Sean Byrne’s THE DEVIL’S CANDY; an absorbing, unnerving and devastating ride into psychological trauma, starring Ethan Embry (“Sneaky Pete”, “Grace & Frankie”).

There are also channel premieres for David Chirchirillo’s deadly dating thriller BAD MATCH; Chad Archibald’s BITE, a fearless fusion of slime, shivers and shock; box-office supernatural horror hit THE PACT; and Mick Garris’s macabre tale of horror and eroticism, SLEEPWALKERS, starring Ron Perlman and John Landis. Then there’s the original sly monster croc comedy LAKE PLACID starring Bridget Fonda and Bill Pullman; and psychic debunking chiller RED LIGHTS, starring Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Toby Jones, Elizabeth Olsen and Robert De Niro.

Full film details in transmission order:

Fri 6 Sept @ 21:00 – BAD MATCH (2017) *Channel Premiere

Be careful who you swipe for...Harris (Jack Cutmore-Scott) seems to have it all - a great job, plenty of friends and an active sex life thanks to a range of dating apps. But that all changes when he matches with Riley (Lili Simmons). Unlike Harris, Riley isn’t looking for a one-night-stand and, while at first, Harris just assumes she’s clingy, he’s about to find out the truth is something far more sinister.

Fri 13 Sept @ 21:00 BITE (2015) *Channel Premiere

While on her hen party getaway to exotic Costa Rica, bride-to-be Casey gets a seemingly harmless bite from an unknown insect while bathing in an idyllic jungle pool. But after returning home with matrimonial cold feet, she starts exhibiting alien behaviour as what crept under her skin starts taking hold. Between physical transformation and wedding anxiety, Casey succumbs to her new instincts and begins creating a hive that not only houses her translucent offspring, but also feeds on flesh.

Sat 14 Sept @ 21:00 – THE PACT (2012) * Channel Premiere

Following her mother's funeral, Annie reluctantly returns to her childhood home - a place she would rather forget. Then as her sister and cousin inexplicably disappear, Annie is forced to unlock the doors to the past to discover the hidden secrets of the house and in doing so finds a room that she has no memory of. Things take a sinister and terrifying turn as Annie soon realises she isn't alone in the house...

Fri 20 Sept @ 21:00 – THE DEVIL’S CANDY (2015) *UK TV Premiere

Unfulfilled artist Jesse Hellman moves his wife and fellow metal music-loving teenage daughter Zooey into a rustic Texas home with a violent past. Soon his paintings start taking on a darker, disturbing and more prophetic turn as anxieties and family tensions get ramped up. Then the clearly unbalanced Ray appears on his doorstep wanting to move back into the house where his parents tragically died. When Ray sees Zooey, nothing prepares the family for the shocking chain of events.

Sat 21 Sept @ 22:55 – SLEEPWALKERS (1992) *Channel Premiere

Tanya (Mädchen Amick) falls for Charles (Brian Krause), the new boy in school, only to learn too late that he’s a life-sucking sleepwalker. Charles and his mother, Mary (Alice Krige), are the last of a dying breed who are able to stay alive only by feeding on the life force of virtuous young women. But it turns out that the sleepwalkers’ Achilles’ heel is the domestic house cat, with whom they share genetic information. As the tension mounts, and the casualties pile up, the town’s tabbies gather for a final chilling showdown with the monsters in their midst.

Fri 27 Sept @ 21:00 – LAKE PLACID (1999) *Channel Premiere

Welcome to Black Lake, Maine. This tranquil setting is probably the last place you'd expect to find a 30-foot man-eating crocodile. But this is what confronts Kelly Scott (Bridget Fonda); an emotionally fragile, nature-phobic, New York palaeontologist who's been reluctantly dispatched for her first real field assignment. She teams up with an eccentric billionaire Jack Wells (Bill Pullman) to find this multi-toothed menace.

Sat 28 Sept @ 21:00 – RED LIGHTS (2012) *Channel Premiere

Two investigators of paranormal hoaxes, Dr. Margaret Matheson (Sigourney Weaver) and her young assistant Tom Buckley (Cillian Murphy), study the most varied metaphysical phenomena with the aim of proving their fraudulent origin. Simon Silver (Robert De Niro), a legendary blind psychic, reappears after a thirty-year absence to become the couple’s greatest international challenge. Tom quickly begins to develop an obsession with Silver, and as the two get closer, his worldview is threatened to its core.

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