Tuesday 30 November 2021



In this Italian sci-fi comedy the corpse of a laborer is inhabited and revived by an Omicron -- an alien being. When the creature becomes accustomed to the body, he returns to the worker's former job and begins operating the machines at an incredible speed in order to learn about the planet so his race can take it over.

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Tuesday 16 November 2021

Horror Channel unwraps eight UK TV premieres for December


Horror Channel comes bearing gory gifts for the Xmas season, presenting eight UK TV premieres, including Abigail Blackmore’s gruesome and comically dark TALES FROM THE LODGE, starring Mackenzie Crook, Sophie Thompson and Johnny Vegas, cosmic chiller SACRIFICE, starring horror icon Barbara Crampton and AQUASLASH, a mad exploitation slasher harking back to the classic 1980s era of gushing blood and teenage turmoil.

Also showing for the first time on British TV are Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s romantic body horror SPRING, Greg McLean’s supernatural horror THE DARKNESS, starring Kevin Bacon. deadly thriller, DESOLATION, Brit monster-munching caper THE YOUNG CANNIBALS and FORGET EVERYTHING AND RUN, where The Walking Dead meets The Revenant.

Plus, there are channel premieres for two inspired remakes with all-star casts - THE WOLFMAN, which brings the myth of a man cursed into lycanthropy back to its iconic origins and stars Benicio Del Toro Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving, and PSYCHO (1998), Gus Van Sant’s revival of the Hitchcock classic, which stars Anne Hech, Viggo Mortensen, Vince Vaughn, Julianne Moore and William H. Macy.

Full film details in transmission order:

Fri 3 Dec @ 21:00 – DESOLATION (2017) *UK TV Premiere

A young mother, her son, and her best friend venture into the remote wilderness to scatter her late husband's ashes. On their trek home, they begin to realise that a lone hiker has been following them. A series of disturbing encounters forces the grieving family to confront their deepest fears when the stranger's true motives are revealed.

Fri 3 Dec @ 22:35 – FORGET EVERYTHING AND RUN (2021) *UK TV Premiere

When a virus ravages a mountain community the survivors must flee from the monsters it created into the barren wilderness. Scavenging, freezing and dying, one family will fight for their lives against marauders hell-bent on revenge. As humanity clings to hope, their only chance for survival is forming an alliance with the monsters that came calling.

Sat 4 Dec @ 21:00 – PSYCHO (1998) *Channel Premiere

Oscar winning director Gus Van Sant revives the Hitchcock classic with an all-star cast. Anne Hech stars as the young Marion Crane who flees her old life with $40,000 and makes for California. On her way she stops at a quaint little motel for a good night’s sleep and a refreshing shower...Also stars Viggo Mortensen, Vince Vaughn, Julianne Moore and William H. Macy..

Sun 5 Dec @ 21:00 – SPRING (2014) *UK TV Premiere

A young man in a personal tailspin flees from the US to Italy, where he sparks up a romance with a woman harbouring a dark, primordial secret. Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Resolution, Synchronic) and starring Lou Taylor Pucci, Nadia Hilker and Francesco Carnelutti,

Fri 10 Dec @ 21:00 – AQSASLASH (2019) *UK TV Premiere

The Wet Valley Water Park welcomes high school students celebrating their graduation in all their unleashed libido glory. However, in the midst of the ribald romping revels, a black-gloved murderer is tinkering with the water slides and sabotaging the swimming pools. Thrills, chills, spills and screwball comedy meet splashy shocks and gory dismemberment in a chlorine and blood drenched murder mystery.

Sat 11 Dec @ 21:00 – THE DARKNESS (2016) *UK TV Premiere

A family unwittingly bring a paranormal force home with them after returning from a Grand Canyon vacation. Feeding off of their own fears, the evil presence threatens to destroy them from within as it takes over their home and their lives. Directed by Greg McLean (Wolf Creek), this superior supernatural thriller stars Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell.

Sun 12 Dec @ 21:00 – SACRIFICE (2020) *UK TV Premiere

After the death of his mother, New York-based Isaac and his pregnant wife Emma return to the Norwegian village on a remote island of his birth to deal with an unexpected inheritance. There they find themselves caught in a waking nightmare as an ancient frightening evil is awakened to claim the colour of madness in a birth right of its own.

Fri 17 Dec @ 21:00 – THE YOUNG CANNIBALS (2019) *UK TV Premiere

A group of friends head to a secluded campsite, where they plan on spending a relaxing weekend by the lake. What they didn’t plan on, was being tricked into eating burgers made of human flesh. This act summons an unrelenting supernatural creature, which will hunt them down one by one. Abandoned in the wilderness, they must fight for their lives if they wish to make it out of the woods.

Sat 18 Dec @ 21:00 – THE WOLFMAN (2010) *Channel Premiere

Benicio Del Toro plays a haunted nobleman lured back to his family estate after his brother vanishes. Reunited with his estranged father (played by Anthony Hopkins), he sets out to find his brother...and discovers a horrifying destiny for himself. Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving also star in a riveting tale Inspired by the classic Universal film that launched a legacy of horror.

Sun 19 Dec @ 21:00 – TALES FROM THE LODGE (2019) *UK TV Premeire

A group of friends gather at a remote lodge to honour a recently-deceased friend. Everyone makes the most of a gloomy situation by celebrating the best way they know how: swapping silly, scary stories that would have earned a giggle from their dearly departed pal. Urban legends about a masked slasher, a paranormal ghost hunt and a post-apocalyptic wasteland soon lose their fun shock value as the sextet become stuck in a true terror tale that exposes dark secrets no one could have possibly foreseen.

TV: Sky 317 / Virgin 149 / Freeview 70 / Freesat 138

Monday 8 November 2021


Ayvianna Snow is a multi-talented actress who is taking the UK by storm and will be starring in numerous films this year and in 2022, including new horror film Barun Rai And The House on The Cliff, out in cinemas from 29th October. 

Filmed in Essex, Barun Rai And The House on The Cliff follows newly-weds who have just moved into their dream home, where they face an unexpected and terrifying turn. Their love is tested by unexplained chilling incidents, with Barun Rai, a detective who solves paranormal activities uncovering hidden, chilling, and supernatural truths about the house. In the film, Snow plays Polly; a newly-wed bride in the 1920s who meets a tragic end...!

Snow is no amateur when it comes to leading roles in horror films.  Her mysterious persona and powerful eye contact instantly absorbs viewers and  has ultimately led to her being  cast in numerous horror films. 

Snow also landed a leading role in recent 2021 feature film 'Black Lake', which was selected to be screened at the Women in Horror Film Festival in Atlanta in February 2020 and also winning  the Best Cinematography award. It was also selected for ShockFest, Salem Horror Fest 2020, Montreal Requiem FearFest, and Cine-Excess where it was a Semi-Finalist.

Ayvianna also starred in 'White Colour Black', which screened at the BFI London Film Festival, and was nominated for a BIFA (British Independent Film Award), in 2016 and was released in cinemas in 2020. 

Snow will also be appearing in hotly anticipated releases in 2022 including; 'L.O.L.A.', a sci-fi film about the relationship between two sisters, staring alongside Emma Appleton. 'Hollow’, an indie horror feature shot in Hereford, written by 'Dr Who' TV writer Keith Temple, and 'The Lockdown Hauntings', which was shot during the first lockdown, directed by Howard Ford. Snow has also filmed both lead roles in 'The Good Wife', directed by Dean M. Drinkel, a psychological horror about two women; a modern woman, Fiona, and her evil doppelganger ghost, Elizabeth, both played by Snow. 

Ayvianna began her career by training at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama's Youth Theatre course. Following this, she gained a B.A. (Hons.) in Acting from The Arden School of Theatre in Manchester. Ayvianna is also currently filming 'The Final 45'; where she plays a French Resistance leader during the Second World War, directed by Ian Manson. 

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Horror Channel invaded by week of Sci-Fi Horror


Horror Channel goes extra-terrestrial with SCI-FEAR WEEK (Saturday 20th to Friday 26th, 9pm), in which strange science, terrifying tech and insidious invasions takes control, highlighted by the Channel premiere of jolting sci-fi thriller THE LAST DAYS ON MARS, starring Liev Schreiber, Romola Garai and Olivia Williams. It also includes the channel premieres of 1980 British science fiction movie SATURN 3, which stars Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas and Harvey Keitel and XTRO, an unsettling slice of Sci-Fi Horror and one of the few British films that landed on the UK film censors' infamous 'Video Nasty' list.

Full film details in transmission order:

Saturday 20 November @ 21:00 – THE LAST DAYS ON MARS (2013) *Channel Premiere

On the last day of the first manned mission to Mars, a crew member of Tantalus Base believes he has made an astounding discovery - fossilised evidence of bacterial life. But a routine excavation turns to disaster when the porous ground collapses, and he falls into a deep crevice. His devastated colleagues attempt to recover his body. However, when another vanishes they start to suspect that the life-form they have discovered is not yet dead.

Sunday 21 November @ 21:00 – SATURN 3 (1990) *Channel Premiere

Adam (Kirk Douglas) and Alex (Farrah Fawcett) are scientists stationed deep beneath the barren surface of Saturn's moon, Titan, seeking new forms of food for an exhausted planet Earth. Captain James, a murderous psychopath, reaches Titan and cuts off communication with the rest of the solar system. Aided by his 'helper robot' James reduces life at the space station to one of survival. For Adam and Alex their only hope is to flee the planet, but the homicidal robot stands in their way. Also stars Harvey Keitel.

Monday 22 November @21:00 – CELL (2016)

Best-selling horror author Stephen King’s acclaimed tech-inspired apocalyptic nightmare.

Tuesday 23 November @ 21:00 – SCANNERS (1981)

Considered one of David Cronenberg’s early genre classics,

Wednesday 24 November @ 21:00 – EXTRATERRESTRIAL (2014)

An alien onslaught chiller, directed by Colin Minihan and starring Brittanty Allen,

Thursday 25 November @ 21:00 – KILL COMMAND (2016)

Steven Gomez’s superior Brit sci-fi action thriller

Friday 26 November @ 21:00 – XTRO (1982) *Channel Premiere

Three years ago young Tony watched with horror as his father was taken into the night sky by a mysterious blinding light and never seen again. Until now. His father is coming home but he's not the man he used to be. Now considered a cult classic and one of the most bizarre horror films of its time
TV: Sky 317 / Virgin 149 / Freeview 70 / Freesat 138