Monday 31 July 2023

Talk To Me (2023) - New Clip Released

Introducing the highly anticipated horror film, "TALK TO ME," which premiered in the UK and Irish cinemas on July 28. This spine-chilling masterpiece has taken the industry by storm, smashing box office records for Altitude with an astounding opening weekend gross of over £640,000. Critics have showered the film with acclaim, declaring it the scariest and best-reviewed horror movie of 2023, making it an impressive directorial debut for Michael and Danny Philippou.

"Talk to Me" has captivated audiences ever since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, drawing them into its electrifying story. The plot follows a group of friends who stumble upon the ability to summon spirits using an embalmed hand. Initially drawn in by the thrill, their fascination takes a dark turn when one of them unknowingly unleashes terrifying supernatural forces by pushing the boundaries.

To celebrate the film's immense success, Altitude has released an exclusive clip, further fueling excitement around this terrifying tale. In a groundbreaking marketing move, Altitude collaborated with the popular video game Fortnite, creating a first-of-its-kind horror movie tie-in. Now, players can immerse themselves in the eerie world of "Talk to Me" within the Deadpines Zombie Survival game, intensifying the suspense and horror for fans everywhere.

The stellar cast includes Sophie Wilde, Joe Bird, Alexandra Jensen, Otis Dhanji, Miranda Otto, and Marcus Johnson, who have brought life to the gripping characters in this unforgettable cinematic experience.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

LEGEND unveils a sizzling summer line-up of action & classic horror premieres for August 2023

In August, LEGEND is delivering an action-packed lineup that caters to a wide range of tastes and interests. Viewers are in for a treat with a thrilling mix of shows and premieres. From gritty crime thrillers and electrifying epics to classic horror double-bills from the fifties, there's something for everyone.

One of the most anticipated premieres is the UK TV debut of JIU JITSU, a martial arts meets-sci-fi thriller featuring the renowned actor Nic Cage fighting off aliens. Another highlight is the much-awaited UK TV premiere of FREIGHT, a brutal Brit gangland heist thriller boasting a star-studded cast including Billy Murray and Craig Fairbrass.

The excitement continues with the Channel premieres of MOJAVE, a gripping cat-and-mouse mystery thriller starring Mark Wahlberg, and PRECIOUS CARGO, a Canadian heist thriller headlined by the legendary Bruce Willis. Fans of epic adventures are in for a treat with LAST KNIGHTS, starring Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen, and WAR PIGS, featuring Micky Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, and Luke Goss.

For classic horror enthusiasts, the popular THE VINTAGE VAULT strand celebrates timeless gems from the fifties, including the Channel premiere of THE CREATURE WALKS AMONGST US (1956), THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957), and DRACULA (1958).

And if you're feeling nostalgic, take a trip back to the seventies with the Channel premiere of the beloved and Emmy-nominated series, THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. Relive the excitement as Series 1 and 2 run throughout the month. Get ready for a month filled with action, suspense, and timeless classics, only on LEGEND!

Full film details in transmission order:

Fri 4 August @ 22:55 – FREIGHT (2010) *UK TV Premiere

Gabe (Billy Murray) is thrown into a turf war when his daughter (Laura Aikman) is brutally kidnapped by a group of Eastern European human traffickers. A battle of survival ensues as Jed (Craig Fairbrass) helps Gabe try to save his daughter and the city from chilling mafia boss Cristi (Danny Midwinter).

Sat 5 August @ 21:00 – WAR PIGS (2015) *Channel Premiere

Disgraced World War II army captain Jack Wosick (Luke Goss) is given the opportunity for redemption when asked to lead a rag-tag unit of misfits known as the War Pigs on a secret mission to go behind enemy lines. With the help of Captain Hans Picault (Dolph Lundgren) and Colonel A.J. Redding (Mickey Rourke), Jack sets out to salvage his reputation.

Sun 6 August @ 21:00 – THE MOLE PEOPLE (1956)
*Part of The Vintage Vault

John Bentley (John Agar) leads a Middle Eastern expedition in search of a lost tribe of Sumerians. He and his cohorts follow a tunnel deep below the surface of the earth, coming across a tyrannical tribe of albino Sumerians, who use the semi-human Mole People as slaves. Aware of the danger the scientists pose, the subterranean High Priest wants them eliminated.

Sun 6 August @ 22:30 – TARANTULA (1955)
*Part of The Vintage Vault

This classic science fiction film featuring screen legend Clint Eastwood tells the story of a scientist who, while researching the effects of a new synthetic nutrient, releases a giant spider. Directed by Jack Arnold and starring John Agar, Mara Corday and Leo G. Carroll.

From Tues 8 August @ 19:00 – THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN (1973)
Season 1 *Channel Premiere

This Emmy-nominated series was one of the highest rated programs of the 1970s. Lee Majors stars as Steve Austin, a U.S. astronaut who is critically injured upon re-entry, and whose damaged limbs are replaced with bionic, atomic-powered appendages. Now equipped with impressive physical capabilities, Austin uses his powers to fight international villains, mad scientists, and alien monsters. This series ranks as a cultural touchstone and one of the greatest superhero serials of all-time. Guest stars include Farrah Fawcett, Lindsay Wagner, and Louis Gossett, Jr.

Sat 12 August @ 21:00 – MOJAVE (2015) *Channel Premiere

A violent artist, Thomas, (Garrett Hedlund) has an ominous encounter in the desert with a homicidal, chameleon-like drifter (Oscar Isaac). This absorbing American crime thriller film is written and directed by William Monahan and also features Mark Wahlberg.

Sun 13 August @ 21:00 – THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US (1956)
*Channel Premiere
*Part of The Vintage Vault

The final instalment of the "Gill Man" trilogy finds the prehistoric creature far from his Amazon home, kept under close scientific scrutiny in a special facility in Florida. After a laboratory fire severely damages the creature's gills, the head of the research team (Jeff Morrow) initiates an operation that will allow their subject to breathe through a set of latent lungs. But soon Morrow’s rehabilitation plans are destroyed, leading to a violent confrontation.

Sun 13 August @ 22:35 – THE MONOLITH MONSTERS (1957)
*Part of The Vintage Vault

A meteor crashes in the desert, leaving behind huge black chunks. While being analysed in a science lab, the crystalline stones are accidentally drenched with water and begin to grow to gargantuan dimensions. A sudden rainstorm further exacerbates the situation, causing the monoliths to grow to hitherto unimagined heights. Can the world be saved by the saline solution which the scientists are hurriedly developing in the lab?

From Wed 16 August @ 19:00 – THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN (1973)
Season 2 *Channel Premiere

Further adventures of Steve Austin (Lee Majors), a U.S. astronaut who is critically injured upon re-entry, and whose damaged limbs are replaced with bionic, atomic-powered appendages. His machine parts enable him to have superhuman strength and speed. With these powers, Steve goes to work for the Office of Scientific Information, battling evil for the good of mankind.

Thurs 17 August @ 21:00 – JIU JITSU (2020) *UK TV Premiere

The future hangs in the balance as a being from another world returns to Earth to face off against the best warriors the human race has to offer. From special ops soldiers to the best in MMA, this epic battle for the survival of Earth will place humanity on the brink of extinction. An all-star action-packed cast lead the fight, including Nic Cage and Frank Grillo.

Sat 18 August @ 21:00 – PRECIOUS CARGO (2016) *Channel Premiere

International thief Jack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and his highly trained team get a run for their money when Karen (Claire Forlani), Jack's gorgeous femme fatale ex, shows up and drags him into a dangerous billion-dollar heist. Little does Jack know they’re stealing from Eddie, (Bruce Willis) Karen’s ex-boss.

Sun 19 August @ 21:00 – THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN (1957)

*Part of The Vintage Vault
An adaptation of a drama by Nigel Kneale, creator of the Quatermass series, this horror fantasy stars Peter Cushing as scientist John Rollason, who, ignoring his wife's objections, joins an expedition lead by brash American Tom Friend (Forrest Tucker). They are searching for the legendary yeti in the high Himalayas - a quest with deadly consequences.

Sun 19 August @ 22:45 – THE DEADLY MANTIS (1957)
*Part of The Vintage Vault

When a giant insect attacks several people in a remote Arctic region, Col. Joe Parkham (Craig Stevens) swings into action. Parkham and his associates, Dr. Ned Jackson (William Hopper) and Ned's assistant Margie Blake (Alix Talton), track the predatory mantis as it heads southward to Washington DC.

Sat 26 August @ 21:00 – LAST KNIGHTS (2015) *Channel Premiere

In an age of honour and justice by the sword, Raiden (Clive Owen) is a fallen warrior who must rise up against a corrupt and sadistic ruler to avenge Bartok (Morgan Freeman), his dishonoured master.

Sun 27 August @ 21:00 – THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957)
*Part of The Vintage Vault

Scientist Victor Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) will stop at nothing in his quest to reanimate a deceased body and assembles a hideous creature (Christopher Lee) out of dead body parts. He succeeds in bringing it to life, but the monster is not as obedient or docile as Frankenstein expected…

Sun 29 July @ 22:35 – DRACULA (1956)
*Part of The Vintage Vault

This horror classic stands as the most famous and celebrated film version of the popular vampire story. Bela Lugosi delivers a star-making performance as the titular villain – his erudite, refined Dracula is at once alluring and terrifying. While director Tod Browning an effectively and haunting atmosphere. Also stars Edward Van Sloan as Dracula’s arch enemy, vampire-hunter Van Helsing.

Sunday 23 July 2023

Masters of Horror Review: The Flood (2023) - Starring Nicky Whelan and Casper Van Dien

The Flood attempts to revive the genre of Alligator/Crocodile type films, reminiscent of classics like Lake Placid. The movie follows Sommer (Devanny Pinn) and Clarence (John Garrett Mahlmeister), who seek shelter from Hurricane Clarence in an abandoned building, only to encounter a more perilous threat than the storm itself.

Simultaneously, a group of dangerous criminals, including Big Jim (Eoin O'Brien), Floyd (Mike Ferguson), Jox (Randall J. Bacon), Angelo (Bear Williams), and Russel Cody (Casper Van Dien), seeks refuge in a small town jail, overseen by Sheriff Jo Newman (Nicky Whelan). As the storm floods the town, it also brings a horde of ravenous alligators, turning the situation into a deadly struggle for survival.

The Flood delivers a straightforward creature horror experience, using the familiar alligators as menacing adversaries. Despite the low budget, the film manages to maintain an engaging storyline and runtime of about 88 minutes, keeping audiences entertained.

Acknowledging the budget constraints, the film's CGI and some alligator attack scenes might appear lacking, but the actors, particularly Nicky Whelan as the Sheriff, give commendable performances.

The Good:

The film effectively utilizes the alligators as recognizable and threatening creatures, providing the expected horror experience. A simple and easy-to-follow story keeps the audience engaged. Despite limitations, the actors perform well, and Nicky Whelan stands out as the Sheriff.

The Bad:

The low budget hampers the visual quality, particularly in the alligator attack scenes. Overall, The Flood fulfills its promise of being a creature horror film centered on alligators, even with its budgetary limitations. While some aspects may not be top-notch, the film delivers on its intended thrills.

Considering the constraints, I would rate The Flood a generous 7/10. It provides an entertaining watch, especially for fans of creature horror, despite its shortcomings."

Review by Jon Donnis

Out on Apple TV at and Amazon at

Masters Of Horror Review: Fear the Invisible Man (2023) - Starring Mike Beckingham

Upon hearing about yet another film adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic novel "The Invisible Man," I felt a bit hesitant, given the countless previous versions. However, to my surprise, this film takes a smart approach by returning to the novel's original Victorian era, avoiding any unnecessary modern reinterpretations.

The movie opens with a gripping scene in which Griffin (portrayed by Mike Beckingham) races against time to complete his experiment while facing eviction from his landlord. Injecting himself with an experimental substance, he vanishes, leaving his flesh and bones behind in a visually impressive sequence. From this point on, the story unfolds as Adeline (played by Mhairi Calvey), struggling to maintain her husband's manor after his death, comes across the shocking truth of Griffin's invisibility.

Despite being a low-budget film, the special effects during Griffin's transformation are remarkably well-done, becoming the highlight of the movie. The story, although over a century old, remains captivating, focusing not only on the familiar premise of a man going insane due to invisibility but also on Adeline's character and her journey through the unfolding horrors.

The film does take some liberties with the original story, such as changing the character of Kemp to Adeline Kemp, which introduces a love interest angle. However, these changes do not detract from the overall enjoyment.

Due to budget constraints, many of the scenes with Griffin are set in the dark to hide potential visual imperfections, but this minor issue does not hinder the film's impact. Mhairi Calvey's strong performance holds the movie together, and Mike Beckingham's voice acting complements the film effectively.
The Good:

A refreshing and well-executed retelling of "The Invisible Man" set in Victorian England.

A gradual buildup from thriller to horror in the final act.

Mhairi Calvey's compelling performance and strong direction make the film engaging.

Despite the limitations, the movie is well-filmed and directed, showcasing the filmmakers' skill.

The Bad:

Some of the CGI effects, particularly the 19th-century London backdrop, could have been improved due to budget constraints.

The film lacks some classic Invisible Man cliches that fans may have expected.

A slight trimming of the runtime, from 95 to 80-85 minutes, would have tightened the pacing.

"Fear the Invisible Man" is a commendable adaptation. The attention-grabbing transformation scenes and a well-told story, centered around Adeline's character, make it a movie worth watching. With good acting and direction, the film overcomes its budget limitations and delivers an enjoyable experience. I would rate it a respectable 8/10 and recommend giving it a watch."

Review by Jon Donnis

Thursday 20 July 2023

Frightfest launches its 6th sinister search for New Blood in 2023


FrightFest is back to haunt London's West End cinemas in August, unleashing new nightmares upon horror enthusiasts. As part of its New Blood initiative, the event aims to encourage aspiring writers in the horror genre to participate in the frightful festivities.

Now in its sixth year, New Blood collaborates with Giles Edwards of Queensbury Pictures to discover emerging UK-based writers dedicated to horror and support them in bringing their projects from script to screen. Instead of just seeking ideas, Queensbury Pictures is on the lookout for scripts ready for production. To be considered, applicants must submit a rough draft of the first ten pages of their script.

Eight successful candidates will be shortlisted and given the opportunity to workshop their ideas in a group setting under the guidance of esteemed industry professionals and genre experts. This year's mentors include actor, writer, and director Andy Nyman (known for Ghost Stories), Jennifer Sheridan (director of Rose: A Love Story and Disney+ show Extraordinary), and writer, producer, director, and actor Toby Poser (known for The Deeper You Dig and Where The Devil Roams).

The application process starts on Thursday, 20th July, with potential participants required to submit a 400-word proposal through the dedicated New Blood page on the FrightFest website. If selected, each writer will need to submit the first ten pages of their script idea.

The deadline for applications is Friday, 4th August. Successful applicants will be notified by Monday, 7th August, and will be asked to provide their sample script pages. However, all participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses in London.

The New Blood networking and workshop event is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, 24th August, the opening day of this year's festival. It will take place in a Central London venue.

The New Blood initiative has already yielded two successful projects: Broadcast Signal Intrusion, written by Phil Drinkwater and Tim Woodall and directed by Jacob Gentry, premiered to great acclaim at FrightFest 2021. Additionally, The Change, written by Carina Rodney, has been optioned by another renowned UK producer.

Giles Edwards of Queensbury Pictures expressed his pride in being part of the 6th New Blood session, working alongside a remarkable lineup of mentors to inspire and support new genre talents.

Co-director of FrightFest, Greg Day, emphasized the significance and success of the New Blood initiative, which continues to evolve and thrive. He wished the best of luck to the New Blood class of 2023.

FrightFest 2023 will take place from 24th to 28th August at the Cineworld in Leicester Square and The Prince Charles Cinema, promising an unforgettable experience for horror fans and enthusiasts alike.

For more information see

Monday 17 July 2023

COMPETITION: Win Lucky McKee’s 'May' on Blu-ray

Make a date with May – for an unforgettable, uncomfortable, weird and wild experience. Lucky McKee’s wickedly wry body horror featuring outstanding performances, stunning cinematography and a stellar soundtrack,  is back for a new release this July. Second Sight Films has it all sewn up with a brand-new Limited Edition and Standard Edition Blu-ray version, both complete with a fantastic slew of special features.

And to celebrate we have 2 copies on standard Blu-ray to give away.


Meet May Dove Candy, the socially awkward veterinary assistant, who was bullied as a child for her lazy eye and has developed an obsession with perfection. Desperate for connection, May struggles to make friends and is desperately searching for a perfect boyfriend.

Then she meets Adam, the boy with the flawless hands… could he be the one? But the path of love never runs smoothly, especially with May’s inability to connect with people. As her dream of perfection unravels, she becomes increasingly detached from reality and descends into the depths of depravity.

The brand-new Limited Edition is set for release on 24 July and is presented in a stunning box with new artwork by Bella Grace, alongside a 70 page book, with new essays. Both editions come complete with a host of brilliant extras including new audio commentaries and new interviews with the stars, director, composer and editors and much more, see full details below.

Don’t miss May Limited Edition, a devilish delight that’s a cut above the reast.

Buy from Amazon at -

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Thursday 13 July 2023

August Horror Releases from Reel 2 Reel Films and Yet Another Distribution Company


Experience a rip-roaring, gut-splattering zombie-fest with Johnny Z – the ultimate action-packed horror from award-winning writer-director Jonathan Straiton (Night of Something Strange). This undead, brain-splatting wild-ride walks on to UK digital on 14 August courtesy of Reel 2 Reel Films.

The earth has changed beyond recognition as a violent zombie epidemic has almost completely wiped-out human life as we know it. A half-human, half-zombie creation called Johnny (Michael Merchant – She Kills) has escaped from medical prison and driven by the knowledge that his blood may hold the key to a cure for the zombie outbreak, embarks on a mission to find a scientist capable of developing an antidote.

Johnny’s dangerous journey is driven by a desire for merciless revenge against his nefarious creators. Teaming up with Jonray (Felix Cortes – Plane, Daredevil), a martial arts Grandmaster, and his brother Crisanto (Jason Delgado), they embark on a treacherous violence fuelled-quest.

Join Johnny Z for an explosive blend of martial arts mayhem and zombie-zapping thrills.

On UK digital 14 August 2023 from Reel 2 Reel Films -


A holiday turns horrifying in Rage, a disturbingly dark and brutal horror from award-winning South African director Jaco Bouwer (Gaia), which lands on UK digital on 7 August courtesy of Reel 2 Reel Films.

When a group of friends embark on their dream coastal break to attend the ultimate rave in an off-grid town, they get a fear-filled awakening as their night of raging becomes their worst nightmare...

As their experiences become weirder and weirder, they release that they’ve been drugged and dragged into a dark, shocking, deadly ritual. The blood-filled, twisted horror has echoes of Midsommar and promises one hell-ride trip to remember.

This gruesome and gritty horror promises to sate cravings for lingering, disconcerting fear.

On UK digital 7 August 2023 from Reel 2 Reel Films -


Prepare for a pulse-pounding horror experience that promises to crawl under your Flesh. Tense and thrilling, this gripping horror arrives on UK digital on 21 August courtesy of Yet Another Distribution Company.

Unassuming newcomer Charles (Chandler Rylko – The Toy Soldiers) arrives in a small, seemingly ordinary town. Enchanted by Louise, the bar manager portrayed by horror icon Danielle Harris (Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Halloween), Charles becomes entangled in a web of deceit. Little does he know that Danielle and her brother Ben (Kevin Fonteyne – Melissa & Joey) are trapped in the grip of a family curse, demanding a night of bloodshed and sacrifice...

With an eerie, unsettling atmosphere, this enthralling horror will get under your skin.

On UK digital 21 August 2023 from Yet Another Distribution Company

Natalia Tena (Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones) and Mads Reuther (Into the Darkness, In the Blood) star in Borderline, a dark and menacing thriller set to arrive on UK digital on 28 August 2023, courtesy of Yet Another Distribution Company.

Successful Danish marketing executive Mads (Reuther) has a chance encounter with the enigmatic Joan (Tena) on a trip to London. The two enjoy a whirlwind romance but when Mads returns to his life in Denmark, for Joan, it doesn’t end there...

In this enthralling feature, a thrilling affair turns sinister and as two worlds collide, things quickly unravel into chaos and suspense.

On UK digital 28 August 2023 from Yet Another Distribution Company

Monday 10 July 2023


Neil Marshall’s ‘The Lair’ starring Charlotte Kirk and Jamie Bamber arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and digital on 17 July

And to celebrate we have 3 copies on DVD to give away.


ACCLAIMED DIRECTOR Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent) returns with The Lair, a lean, mean creature feature, which, according to the director, is inspired by the ‘classic genre movies like Alien, Predator and The Thing’.

This spine-chilling Shudder Original features terrifying monsters, gruesome violence and tougher-than-tough characters. Claustrophobic, fear-fuelled and strikingly shot, this mighty monster-thriller gets its highly anticipated Blu-ray, DVD and digital release on 17 July courtesy of Acorn Media International.

When Lieutenant Kate Sinclair (Charlotte Kirk – The Reckoning, Ocean’s Eight) is shot down over Afghanistan, Sergeant Tom Hook (Jonathan Howard – Thor: The Dark World, World War Z) is sent in to lead a specialised team of SAS troops to find the missing soldier and bring her home.

As Sinclair desperately tries to evade her pursuers, she stumbles across a forsaken military bunker and seeks refuge, but little does she know that this seemingly abandoned base holds a dark secret... a horde of nightmarish creatures known as Ravagers, half-human and half-alien, ravenous for flesh.

Narrowly escaping from the bunker, Sinclair finds safety at a nearby army base led by Major Roy Finch (Jamie Bamber – Marcella, Signora Volpe). But it’s not long before some unexpected and extremely dangerous visitors arrive, eliciting an adrenaline-fueled mighty battle for survival...

Enter The Lair at your own risk in this nightmarish, pulse-pounding and action-packed feature.

Neil Marshall’s ‘The Lair’ starring Charlotte Kirk and Jamie Bamber arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and digital on 17 July

Buy from Amazon at -

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Who directs The Lair?

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Tuesday 4 July 2023

TRAILER: Parable - Starring Jane de Wet and Michael Richard


Award-winning South African director Beer Adriaanse (Wonderlus, Hotel) joins forces with brother Jaco Adriaanse (Ekstra Medium) to pen an eerie and unsettling horror Parable. This chilling tale delves into the realms of sadistic conversation therapy, spiralling into a horrifying possession tale.

This bone-chilling horror is set for its digital release on 10 July 2023, courtesy of Reel 2 Reel Films.

Teenager Esther (Jane de Wet) is sent to a Christian camp after her father discovers her kissing a girl. There, Reverend Day (Michael Richard) attempts extreme rituals to "cure" her. However, his misguided acts unwittingly unleash a dangerous demon inside Esther. This demonic spirit is hellbent on evoking mass suicide and despite the pastor's desperate attempts to contain it, the evil entity has its own sinister agenda. Soon, possessions consume the entire community...

A determined young posse take matters into their own hands to save the girl and their town from this malevolent force. Will good triumph over evil in Parable?

On UK digital 10 July 2023 from Reel 2 Reel Films -

TRAILER: Skinford: Death Sentence - Starring Joshua Brennan


Introducing Skinford: Death Sentence, a tense, blood-filled and high-octane action feature that promises bloody bedlam.

With oodles of gore, plenty of violence and adrenaline-pumping action, this thrilling feature directed by Nik Kacevski is set for its digital release on 24 July 2023 from Reel 2 Reel Films.

James ‘Skinny’ Skinford (Joshua Brennan) had a simple plan: steal and flip a mysterious truck to make a quick buck and save his ailing father. However, as fate would have it, things take a horrifying turn and Skinny finds himself in serious trouble... While being forcibly made to dig his own grave, he accidentally stumbles upon the burial ground of a woman who had been buried alive and to his astonishment, she possesses the extraordinary ability to bestow immortality upon others.

Yet, this seemingly miraculous gift comes with a devastating consequence. Being close to her is akin to a death sentence, and Skinny's perception of life will never be the same again...

On UK digital 24 July 2023 from Reel 2 Reel Films -


To celebrate the home entertainment release of Scream VI, available to Download & Keep now, at, we’re offering you the chance to win a copy on 4KUHD.


Following the latest Ghostface killings, the four survivors leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter. In Scream VI, Melissa Barrera (“Sam Carpenter”), Jasmin Savoy Brown (“Mindy Meeks-Martin”), Mason Gooding (“Chad Meeks-Martin”), Jenna Ortega (“Tara Carpenter”), Hayden Panettiere (“Kirby Reed”) and Courteney Cox (“Gale Weathers”) return to their roles in the franchise alongside Jack Champion, Henry Czerny, Liana Liberato, Dermot Mulroney, Devyn Nekoda, Tony Revolori, Josh Segarra, and Samara Weaving.

No one is safe and everyone is a suspect in the smash hit thriller from Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group that has earned more than $167 million worldwide. The four survivors from the most recent Woodsboro Ghostface killings have moved to New York City for a fresh start.  Just as they begin to feel a sense of normalcy, they receive that infamous call.  Ghostface is more brutal and relentless than ever and will stop at nothing to hunt them down.

Scream VI is available to Download & Keep now and on DVD, Blu-ray™ & 4K Ultra HD™ from 10th July at

Enter now for a chance to win.

Who plays Mindy Meeks-Martin in the Scream VI?

Send your name, address and of course the answer to

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