Sunday 23 July 2023

Masters of Horror Review: The Flood (2023) - Starring Nicky Whelan and Casper Van Dien

The Flood attempts to revive the genre of Alligator/Crocodile type films, reminiscent of classics like Lake Placid. The movie follows Sommer (Devanny Pinn) and Clarence (John Garrett Mahlmeister), who seek shelter from Hurricane Clarence in an abandoned building, only to encounter a more perilous threat than the storm itself.

Simultaneously, a group of dangerous criminals, including Big Jim (Eoin O'Brien), Floyd (Mike Ferguson), Jox (Randall J. Bacon), Angelo (Bear Williams), and Russel Cody (Casper Van Dien), seeks refuge in a small town jail, overseen by Sheriff Jo Newman (Nicky Whelan). As the storm floods the town, it also brings a horde of ravenous alligators, turning the situation into a deadly struggle for survival.

The Flood delivers a straightforward creature horror experience, using the familiar alligators as menacing adversaries. Despite the low budget, the film manages to maintain an engaging storyline and runtime of about 88 minutes, keeping audiences entertained.

Acknowledging the budget constraints, the film's CGI and some alligator attack scenes might appear lacking, but the actors, particularly Nicky Whelan as the Sheriff, give commendable performances.

The Good:

The film effectively utilizes the alligators as recognizable and threatening creatures, providing the expected horror experience. A simple and easy-to-follow story keeps the audience engaged. Despite limitations, the actors perform well, and Nicky Whelan stands out as the Sheriff.

The Bad:

The low budget hampers the visual quality, particularly in the alligator attack scenes. Overall, The Flood fulfills its promise of being a creature horror film centered on alligators, even with its budgetary limitations. While some aspects may not be top-notch, the film delivers on its intended thrills.

Considering the constraints, I would rate The Flood a generous 7/10. It provides an entertaining watch, especially for fans of creature horror, despite its shortcomings."

Review by Jon Donnis

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