Sunday 3 September 2023

REVIEW: Minore (2023) - Directed by Konstantinos Koutsoliotas


"Minore," helmed by the renowned director and visual effects virtuoso Konstantinos Koutsoliotas, stands as a true marvel within the realm of horror cinema. Drawing upon his extensive experience from collaborations on iconic films such as "Cabinet of Curiosities," "1917," and "Guardians of The Galaxy," Koutsoliotas masterfully crafts an authentically Greek masterpiece that seamlessly interlaces terror, folklore, and spectacular visual effects into a nightmarish tapestry. This endorsement carries the weight of authenticity, as I am Greek, thus offering a trustworthy perspective.

The film introduces us to sailor William, impeccably portrayed by the talented Davide Tucci, who arrives on the shores of Greece with a mysterious purpose. Amidst the lively tavernas and vibrant locals, he forms a connection with Aliki (Daphne Alexander), a trained dancer reluctantly working as a waitress in the bustling town. Their pursuit of Teacher, whose real name is Nikodimos (Meletis Georgiadis), a master of the bouzouki, becomes entangled with an eerie mist that forebodes the arrival of otherworldly monsters.

As the town descends into chaos, the film's narrative undergoes a transformation, evolving from romantic intrigue and a man's quest for the father he never knew—potentially Teacher—to a harrowing fight for survival. William and Aliki, alongside a diverse group of locals, including the charismatic bar owner Pantelis (Christos Callow), must unite to confront the horrifying creatures emerging from the abyss. What unfolds is an epic battle, drawing in everyone from musicians to tourists, as they rally to preserve their way of life.

The Good:

"Minore" proudly flaunts its undeniable strengths. The horror special effects are nothing short of "magnificently entertaining," effectively capturing the Lovecraftian essence of monstrous entities emerging from the abyss. The recurring motif of tentacles serves as a testament to Koutsoliotas' expertise in crafting eerie visuals that inspire both awe and terror. The creatures, with their unsettling eyes and numerous tentacles, evoke a profound sense of unease, adding an unforgettable layer to the film's atmosphere. This may even make you reconsider ordering calamari in the future.

Each character in the film is given the opportunity to tell their own unique story. Teacher, who sets an empty table for his late wife, and the grandmother character with her nostalgic dreams are just a few examples. Additionally, a scene involving a therapist provides a moment of hilarious horror-comedy.

Furthermore, "Minore" authentically embraces its Greek heritage. The film perfectly encapsulates the essence of a small coastal town, complete with its people, music, and traditions. The bouzouki melodies and rebetiko soundtrack infuse the film with an unmistakable local flavor, immersing the audience in the heart of Greece. As a Greek viewer, this aspect of the film personally transports me back to many memorable nights spent in such places.

In many ways, a significant portion of the film is dedicated to showcasing the lives and culture of the local Greeks. Even without the monsters, the film would stand on its own as an engaging piece of storytelling.

A special acknowledgment is owed to the grandmother character, who delivers an epic performance. Her scene with a therapist is a comedic highlight that had me laughing out loud, showcasing the film's prowess in blending humor with horror.

The Bad:

While "Minore" excels in visual storytelling, there are occasional instances of less-than-ideal CGI. Nevertheless, these minor shortcomings pale in comparison to the film's overall grandeur and narrative mastery.


"Minore" stands as a cinematic marvel that effortlessly fuses Greek authenticity, captivating visual effects, and a haunting musical score. Koutsoliotas' skillful direction transports viewers into a realm where the ordinary collides with the extraordinary, resulting in a blood-soaked tapestry of fantasy, folklore, and dark humor. Despite minor CGI imperfections, "Minore" stands tall as a unique and mesmerizing monster movie that pays homage to its heritage while carving its own distinctive niche within the horror genre. With its nightmarish creatures, heroic battles, and echoes of Greek tradition, "Minore" is an experience that should not be overlooked by fans of horror and cinematic artistry alike. Despite my Greek background, I assure you of my impartiality, and I loved it.

I rate "Minore" a highly commendable 9/10.

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