Monday 18 September 2023

REVIEW: Talk to Me (2023) - Starring Sophie Wilde and Joe Bird

"Talk to Me" is an Australian supernatural horror film, skillfully directed by Danny and Michael Philippou, promising viewers a captivating and unsettling experience. The movie achieves a commendable rating of 7 out of 10, owing to its enthralling plot, impressive practical effects, compelling performances by the young cast, and an evocative sense of dread.

The narrative revolves around a group of teenagers who chance upon a mysterious embalmed hand, granting them the ability to communicate with spirits. What begins as an exciting and alluring discovery swiftly descends into a nightmarish journey as they test the limits of their newfound power.

A standout feature of "Talk to Me" is the excellently crafted eerie ambiance. The film masterfully builds suspense, relying minimally on special effects and instead utilizing a well-crafted sound design to keep the audience on tenterhooks. The practical effects portraying possession scenes are notably impressive, adding to the film's overall eerie tone.

Sophie Wilde's portrayal of Mia shines as a highlight of the film. Her commanding performance positions her as a potential scream queen in the genre. Additionally, Joe Bird impresses in his role as Riley, bringing depth and emotional weight to the storyline.

However, "Talk to Me" is not flawless. The ending might leave some viewers craving more closure and emotional resolution. Moreover, the film leaves numerous questions unanswered and occasionally leans on shaky logic to propel the plot.

The supporting cast, featuring Alexandra Jensen, Otis Dhanji, and Miranda Otto, delivers solid performances, underscoring the talent of the young ensemble.

In summary, "Talk to Me" is a supernatural horror film that effectively delivers a spine-tingling experience. Its captivating story, remarkable practical effects, and strong performances make it a worthwhile choice for fans of the genre. While it may not tie up all loose ends or conclude entirely satisfyingly, it keeps audiences engaged and submerged in its eerie world. Sophie Wilde and Joe Bird's performances stand out, adding depth to the characters and the overarching narrative. If you're in the mood for a supernatural thriller with a dose of creepy and violent encounters, "Talk to Me" deserves a spot on your watchlist.

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