Friday 6 October 2023

NEWS & TRAILER: A Preview of "When Darkness Falls"


Get ready for a spine-tingling voyage into the enigmatic with "When Darkness Falls," an adrenaline-pumping horror thriller set to send chills down your spine. Directed by the renowned Nathan Shepka, known for "Lock & Load" and "Holiday Monday," and penned by Tom Jolliffe of "Renegades" fame, this heart-pounding cinematic journey is all set to make its presence felt on digital platforms on 2nd October, courtesy of Miracle Media Limited.

The story unfurls within the breathtaking yet unforgiving Scottish Highlands, where a group of American friends embarks on an expedition. However, what commences as an adventurous escapade soon transforms into a harrowing ordeal. Jess and Andrea, the audacious focal points of this eerie narrative, find themselves ensnared in the clutches of terror when they opt to split up during their hike, culminating in Andrea's bewildering disappearance.

As Jess races against time to fathom the enigma behind her friend's vanishing act, the plot thickens and takes a grim, convoluted twist. Suspicion blankets her surroundings, and the distinction between ally and adversary blurs within the somber landscape. Equipped with determination and desperation, Jess must navigate the treacherous Highlands to rescue her lost friend. But can she conquer the shadows of uncertainty, or will both be consumed by the horrors that lurk when darkness falls?

"When Darkness Falls" pledges an exhilarating rollercoaster of fright, intrigue, and relentless suspense, knitting a fabric of dread that will keep audiences perched on the edge of their seats. With a riveting plotline and a skilled creative team steering the ship, this film beckons foray into the abyss of fear, set amidst the breathtaking panorama of the Scottish Highlands.

Mark your calendar for 2nd October 2023, when "When Darkness Falls" descends upon UK digital platforms, courtesy of Miracle Media Limited. Gird yourself to confront your deepest fears, for the darkness awaits.

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