Monday 13 November 2023

TRAILER & NEWS - Wickedly Evil (2023) - Starring Joseph McGucken, James Farrelly and Darryl Carter

Prepare yourself for a fiendishly delightful cinematic adventure with "Wickedly Evil," a horror-comedy caper set to send shivers down your spine and tickle your funny bone. Directed by the talented Garry Walsh in his directorial debut (known for "Older Than Ireland"), this film is all set to make its haunting digital debut in the UK this November, courtesy of 101 Films.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Irish countryside, "Wickedly Evil" follows the escapades of a trio of bumbling gangsters - Frankie (Joseph McGucken of "The Doireann Project"), Dancer (James Farrelly), and Gaz (Darryl Carter) - whose lives take a gruesome turn after a successful heist on a notorious Irish crime family. Unfortunately for them, their celebratory run takes an ominous twist when they catch the attention of Clare (portrayed by Louise Bourke of "Who We Love"), the mob's youngest sister.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Clare becomes an involuntary hostage, one gang member goes missing, and another is left nursing a gunshot wound. The gang's only option is to retreat to a seemingly safe house in the remote Irish countryside, yet safety remains elusive as problems continue to pile up. Their boss, The Chief (Owen Roe of "Intermission"), seems more preoccupied with drugs and cash than the safety of his crew.

As tensions flare and paranoia tightens its grip, suspicions brew among the local police. Meanwhile, next-door neighbor Sadie (Cat L. Walsh) offers both leftover lasagne and eerie warnings about recent disappearances in the area, adding to the unsettling atmosphere. The situation quickly spirals out of control, revealing that evil lurks in the most unexpected corners.

Get ready for a cinematic cocktail of boisterous humor, blood-curdling monstrous mayhem, and a narrative that'll keep you guessing at every turn. "Wickedly Evil" promises an unforgettable blend of scares and laughs, making it a must-watch horror-comedy of 2023. Make sure you mark your calendars for its digital release on November 13, 2023, and be prepared to be thrilled and chilled in equal measure.