Tuesday 28 May 2024

NYX UK Announces Exciting June 2024 Channel Premieres


By Jon Donnis

NYX UK is set to captivate horror enthusiasts this June with a slate of seventeen riveting premieres, commencing on June 6th at 9pm. Leading the lineup is the world premiere of "Cannibal Holocaust: Exposed," a compelling documentary produced by FrightFest TV. This exclusive programme, hosted by renowned film critics Alan Jones and Kim Newman, offers an in-depth examination of the infamous 1980 film "Cannibal Holocaust." Notorious for its graphic content and ethical controversies, the film's impact and the boundaries it pushed in horror cinema are discussed by Jones and Newman. The documentary addresses the cultural significance and enduring controversy surrounding the film, particularly its depiction of real animal killings and its portrayal of indigenous peoples.

The Theatre Bizarre

Following this premiere, NYX UK will continue to thrill audiences with a selection of primetime channel premieres. On June 7th, viewers can enjoy Carlos Aured’s gothic gorefest "Horror Rises from the Tomb" and the British explicit horror "House on Straw Hill," featuring performances by Udo Kier, Linda Hayden, and Fiona Richmond. June 13th brings the haunting indie chiller "Jug Face," while on June 14th, audiences can experience the grotesque anthology masterpiece "The Theatre Bizarre," showcasing segments from horror maestros Tom Savini and Richard Stanley. The month also includes the teen werewolf horror "Wild Country" on June 20th, the Canadian horror-comedy "Dead Dicks" on June 27th, and Ti West’s dread-filled "Trigger Man" on June 28th.

Trigger Man

In addition to these premieres, NYX UK will celebrate the birthday of Lucio Fulci, the master of gore, on June 17th. The channel will honour the Italian director with showings of two of his greatest films, "City of the Living Dead" and "House by the Cemetery."

NYX UK also marks National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21st with special clips throughout the evening featuring Indigenous filmmakers. The day will culminate in the channel premiere of the Canadian supernatural thriller "Don’t Say Its Name," further showcasing the diverse range of horror the channel has to offer this June.

With such an extensive and varied lineup, NYX UK is poised to deliver a month of unforgettable horror entertainment.

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