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Friday 5 February 2016

Dead Town : Episode 1 - 'Road To Nowhere'

John eats mayonnaise for a living. At least he did until his boss turned into a zombie then tried to eat him. Now all he wants to do is find his daughter Emily and keep her safe. But in zombie infested Runcorn, even simple tasks like crossing the street or finding batteries for your vintage Sony Walkman have become a matter of life or death.

Armed with a mayonnaise stirring paddle and porno mags for armour; John, along with his retro best friend, 80s Dave and his apocalypse obsessed brother, Butty begin the search for his daughter.

Or they would if their car didn’t keep breaking down!

Saturday 30 January 2016

Welcome to Dead Town - Book Release

You may recall recently I published a piece looking at new short comedy show Dead Town, well if not you can go check that out By Clicking Here

To accompany the new show they have also released a book called Welcome to Dead Town which is available now for Kindle and also as a paperback book.

‘My name is John Diant. Tortured father to a teenage girl, friend to a retro smart arse and brother to a Spam loving Chuck Norris wannabe, only with less hair and a shitter beard. It has been several days since the outbreak and now my home town is nothing more than a dead town.’

Follow the zombie outbreak as it happens in the small industrial town of Runcorn in the North West of England, with journal entries from survivor John Diant bringing you the apocalypse from his perspective, whilst chapters bring you tales of survival from the town.

Welcome to Dead Town is the Amazon bestselling horror comedy series Death in a Northern Town 1, 2 and 3 told as one complete story.

Amazon Links:
Welcome to Dead Town - Paperback
Welcome to Dead Town - Kindle

And below is the trailer for the new online show which is released this Sunday at 9pm on their  YouTube channel


Friday 15 January 2016

Dead Town - Official Teaser Trailer 2016

Jon Donnis Opinion:
I was contacted by director Peter Mckeirnon, and told about his new show Dead Town, a web based comedy horror show set in the North of England. It already sounds like the perfect mix, zombies and northerners! So I checked out the trailer (see below), and I liked it, so thought I would give the show a plug.

We live in a world of huge budgets, overpaid actors and so on, so any time we have an independent team trying to put together something new we should support them. For truly great comedy has to start somewhere. And without people taking a chance at something, we would never get anything.

So if you are a Zombie fan, and lets be honest, we all are really, whether your thing is Walking Dead or Ash vs Evil Dead, there is always space for a new show, and my pick for that spot is Dead Town. So watch the trailer below, check out their social media pages, and if you want to help click on the Indiegogo link and see if it floats your boat. Ok read the blurb, watch the trailer, that's an order!

It’s the end of the world. The dead have risen and humanity is crumbling. In the small industrial town of Runcorn in the North West of England, John Diant, his survivalist, spam loving, apocalypse obsessed brother Butty and his retro, chain smoking smart arse best friend 80s Dave, are doing what needs to be done to survive – From both the living and the dead!

Based on the Kindle and iTunes bestselling comedy horror series Death in a Northern Town, Dead Town is a new web based ‘sick-com’ and will be coming to YouTube in January 2016.

Mixing comedy with extreme gore (plus other bodily fluids), Dead Town will follow the adventures of John and co, as they search for his missing daughter, Emily, on the mean streets of zombie infested Runcorn!

For a dead town, Runcorn has never been so alive!

Director: Peter Mckeirnon
Cast: Michael Green, Neil Gallagher, Karl Davies

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