Wednesday 30 August 2023

NEWS & TRAILER - Final Summer


Prepare to embark on a chilling journey to the "Final Summer," a nostalgic nod to '80s summer camp slasher movies. In this blood-soaked and masterfully crafted horror tale, a group of camp counselors find themselves in a deadly struggle against a masked killer. Marking the remarkable directorial debut of John Isberg, who also pens and co-produces the film, "Final Summer" is slated for its digital release in the UK on September 18, 2023, courtesy of Miracle Media Limited.

Transporting us back to 1991, after a season of revelry at Camp Silverlake, the camp organizers brace themselves to close its doors for the last time, making way for property developers.

However, lurking within the shadows is an ominous presence, hell-bent on extracting a blood-drenched revenge from the unsuspecting campers. Who hides behind the mask of menace, and what sinister motives drive their actions?

Prepare for an escalation from warmth to terror in "Final Summer," a cinematic creation that harks back to classic horror styles, generously delivering entertainment through copious amounts of gore, heart-stopping jump scares, and a plethora of chilling murders.

On UK digital 18 September 2023 from Miracle Media Limited