Wednesday 10 January 2024

FULL MOVIE - Sweet Taste of Souls (2020 Film) Starring Honey Lauren, John Salandria, Mark Valeriano, Amber Gaston, Sarah J. Bartholomew

"Sweet Taste of Souls" (2020) is a fantasy horror film directed by Terry Ross and written by F. Scott Mudgett. The story follows a group of band members who, after stopping at a roadside cafe for a slice of pie, find themselves trapped in the eccentric owner's surreal art collection. Now, they must confront a menacing force that has a hunger for souls. The film features a cast including Honey Lauren as Ellinore, John Salandria as Nate, Mark Valeriano as Kyle, Amber Gaston as Wendy, and Thom Michael Mulligan as Barney, among others.