Monday 29 April 2024

NYX UK Unveils Thrilling Channel Premieres for May 2024


NYX UK, the prime destination for horror aficionados, has unveiled its spine-chilling lineup for May 2024. With an array of premieres and special events, the channel promises a month of thrills, shocks, and celebrations.

The month kicks off on May 2nd at 9 pm with the channel premiere of the psychological horror classic, "WILLARD" (1974). Directed by Daniel Mann and starring Bruce Davison, the film follows a lonely young man who finds solace and companionship among rats, training them to carry out his vengeful desires.

As the month progresses, viewers can look forward to a mix of horror classics and contemporary gems. On May 7th at 9 pm, NYX UK presents the channel premiere of the cult Spanish horror film, "DR JEKYLL AND THE WEREWOLF" (1971).

A highlight of the month is the celebration of the birthdays of four horror icons: Simon Rumley, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, and Christopher Lee.

On May 22nd at 9 pm, NYX UK presents the channel premiere of Simon Rumley’s "FASHIONISTA" (2016), followed by a special screening of his debut feature, "THE LIVING AND THE DEAD" (2006), and an exclusive interview hosted by FrightFest’s Alan Jones.

The celebration continues with a special birthday tribute to Peter Cushing on May 26th. Viewers can enjoy a diabolical double-bill featuring "DR TERROR’S HOUSE OF HORRORS" (1965) at 9 pm and the channel premiere of "THE LEGEND OF THE SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES" (1974) at 11.15 pm.

On May 27th, NYX UK honors the birthdays of Vincent Price and Christopher Lee with a lineup of classic films. The evening begins with showings of two Vincent Price classics: "RETURN OF THE FLY" (1958) at 5 pm and "SHOCK" (1946) at 7 pm. The celebration culminates with the channel premiere of "HORROR EXPRESS" (1972) starring Christopher Lee at 9 pm.

Throughout the month, FrightFest Saturday Scares with Alan Jones will continue, with the genial host introducing and discussing his favorite films.

For the full schedule and listings, visit NYX UK's TV Guide.

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