Monday 30 October 2023

Werewolf Santa: A Blood-Soaked Christmas Horror Feast


The holiday season is about to get a sinister twist with the upcoming release of "Werewolf Santa" in the UK. 

This darkly comedic horror film, directed by Airell Anthony Hayles and featuring a cameo by Joe Bob Briggs, promises to be a bloody and brilliantly unique addition to the Christmas movie lineup. Having premiered at FrightFest 2023, this movie is set to make its digital debut on November 6, 2023, courtesy of Miracle Media.

In "Werewolf Santa," viewers are introduced to the angsty teenager Lucy, portrayed by Katherine Rodden. Lucy hosts a YouTube show dedicated to uncovering evidence of natural monsters. However, her luck takes an unexpected turn as she heads home to spend Christmas in Hastings with her bickering, divorced parents Carol (played by Emily Booth) and Charlie (portrayed by Mark Arnold).

On Christmas Eve, Lucy's mundane holiday plans take a macabre turn when she witnesses Santa Claus getting bitten by a werewolf, subsequently transforming into a lycanthrope himself. As Werewolf Santa embarks on a bloody rampage in Hastings, Lucy, alongside her friend Dustin (played by Charlie Preston) and her dysfunctional family, embarks on a madcap adventure to save their town from the bloodthirsty beast.

Armed with nothing more than a rusty ice skate, a camera, and a vague understanding of how werewolves operate, Lucy becomes the unlikely hero in this holiday horror tale. Her mission: to prevent her town from becoming the main course in Werewolf Santa's festive feast.

"Werewolf Santa" promises to be a refreshing and exhilarating departure from the typical saccharine-sweet Christmas films. This dark comedy horror film offers a blood-soaked, playfully demented, and joyously unique take on the holiday season, where Santa isn't just coming to town for milk and cookies; he's on the prowl for flesh, blood, and mayhem.

As the holiday season approaches, keep an eye out for "Werewolf Santa." This film, with its irreverent humor and gruesome thrills, is set to provide a memorable cinematic experience, showcasing a Christmas tale like no other. Prepare for a joyously twisted and darkly comedic holiday feast that will leave you questioning whether you'll ever look at Santa Claus the same way again. "Werewolf Santa" is not your typical Christmas movie, and that's precisely what makes it a must-watch for those seeking an alternative and entertaining holiday horror experience.

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