Monday 18 September 2023

REVIEW: Elevator Game (2023) - Starring Megan Best and Gino Anania

"Elevator Game," under the direction of Rebekah McKendry, propels audiences into a nerve-racking voyage into the supernatural realm. The film initiates with a gripping sequence, ingeniously employing shots of Becki (Megan Best) maneuvering the elevator's controls and the concealed machinery, establishing an ominous ambiance. As the plot unfurls, a mysterious entity known as The 5th Floor Woman emerges, plunging the story into a chilling realm of horror.

Becki's vanishing act leaves her socially awkward teenage brother, Ryan (Gino Anania), desperately seeking answers. Upon discovering her involvement in 'The Elevator Game' prior to her disappearance, he resolves to retrace her steps and unveil the truth. Ryan intertwines his destiny with a group of YouTubers led by Chloe (Verity Marks), embarking on an exploration of the supernatural. The film delves into the Elevator Game, a ritual attempting to traverse dimensions, adding an intriguing layer to the storyline.

The film excels in portraying The 5th Floor Woman as a formidable horror antagonist, instilling terror in the young adults through creative and gruesome means. The cinematography is praiseworthy, effectively building tension and delivering well-timed jump scares that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

However, "Elevator Game" could have benefited from a more extensive explanation regarding the game itself, its historical context, and the intricacies of the alternate dimension. Additionally, delving into The 5th Floor Woman's motivations and vendetta could have added depth to the narrative.

In summary, "Elevator Game" offers an enjoyable albeit straightforward horror experience, drawing inspiration from the realms of Japanese horror. While the film had the potential to surpass its current standing with a refined script and a reduction of clich├ęs, it remains an engaging horror film with captivating elements that will leave fans of the genre satisfied.

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