Wednesday 28 February 2024

REVIEW: The End We Start From (2024 Film) - Starring Jodie Comer

The End We Start From

"The End We Start From" paints a chilling picture of a near-future Britain grappling with environmental devastation, following the journey of a young family fighting for survival. Helmed by Mahalia Belo, the movie showcases Jodie Comer's standout portrayal of the resilient Woman, accompanied by an exceptional ensemble cast including Joel Fry, Mark Strong, and Katherine Waterston.

Set against a backdrop of relentless storms and flooding, the narrative delves into the resilience and human connections forged amid adversity. As London sinks and resources dwindle, Woman and her husband R embark on a perilous quest to secure safety for their newborn son, Zeb, encountering loss and the harsh realities of a world teetering on collapse.

The film shines in its portrayal of motherhood amidst chaos, illuminating the profound challenges and fears of raising a child in dire circumstances. Comer's performance is captivating, conveying a spectrum of emotions with nuance, even in sparse dialogue.

Belo's direction infuses the film with intimacy and urgency, capturing the solitude of Woman's journey while exploring themes of humanity and solidarity. Though constrained by budget, the minimal visual effects enhance the authenticity of the storytelling.

However, "The End We Start From" has its drawbacks. Some may find the ending rushed, and the scarcity of dialogue might challenge those accustomed to more verbose narratives. Additionally, Benedict Cumberbatch's limited screen time may disappoint fans.

While timely, the film's exploration of climate change could be perceived as overly political by some. Nevertheless, it succeeds as a thought-provoking reflection on resilience, sacrifice, and hope in dire circumstances.

In summary, "The End We Start From" delivers a compelling portrayal of survival in a world ravaged by environmental catastrophe. Despite flaws, its poignant performances and relevant themes make it a noteworthy addition to the genre, earning a solid 7 out of 10.

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